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Astra Inclinant

Being the new kid was never fun.

Pat’s pinky finger brushed over his paper as he took notes, right in the first row of a tiny, cramped classroom.

Small lectures were something he still hadn’t gotten used to; they were intimate, and they made it obvious to others that he often sat alone.

Even now, he felt someone’s gaze burning into the back of his neck, or perhaps he was just nervous to be stared at in the first place.

Pat had introduced himself only a week ago.

He was a new student who had been accepted into the school with a scholarship, excelling in about any subject the prestigious Ambrosia Academy had to offer.

It was a grand opportunity, one that Pat had taken with eager hands. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten about the distance, an impressive 500 miles away from his entire family.

Everything was new, and Pat felt like it would take weeks before the first feelings of familiarity would settle in. For now, the most unpleasant feeling was one of simple loneliness.

The friends he’d made at his previous school would sometimes humour him with a phone call at night, but that was about it.

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