Assortment Magnified
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Assortment Magnified

“We should throw a party when this is over,” Tidus announced to his traveling group at large, wanting to break the silence that had encompassed them.

“With, I don’t know, tasty food, streamers and balloons, loud music. That kind of stuff.”

“Where would we acquire such novelties?” Cecil asked, unsure if he was actually onboard with this idea.

“With ten people, I’m sure we can get creative. I’ll make my own music if I have to,” Tidus suggested. “And one of you has to be a good cook, right? What about you, Cloud?”

“…Maybe we should concentrate on winning first,” Cloud said. He refrained from commenting on his abilities. “We can worry about the small stuff later.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Tidus said. If he was disappointed that his discussion was cut short it didn't last for very long. “At least it gives us something to look forward to!”

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