Assorted Shorts
Assorted Shorts greg house & james wilson stories

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Assorted Shorts

When Wilson came into work on Monday he was wearing a dusty, beaten up old fez and had a giant plush hairy spider dangling from his lapel by a long elastic string.

It jiggled and bounced as he walked. There was a small beanie baby chipmunk stuffed into his belt. There was a wrist brace on his left wrist.

He wore a pair of old sneakers on which someone had inked brightly blooming flowers. People stared.

By the time Cuddy click-clacked her way across the lobby to confront him, his face was beet red.

"House?" she asked.

Wilson grimaced. "I took him to the state fair Saturday. They have these booths with games. You throw bean bags at targets and win things. I--they had this huge fluffy teddy bear.

I thought it would go great in the pediatric oncology playroom. You know, new toys are always the most fun for the kids. So--"

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