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assorted drabbles

“Could you repeat that?” Steve asks through his teeth, fists clenched.

The agent steps back slightly. “You can’t see him,” he says again. “Not until he’s through being processed.”

It’s been two days since the building exploded with both Steve and James in it, after they’d been on the run from everyone for five months. They should

be being processed, because they’re both threats.

Even after he’s been Captain America for years, people are still underestimating him.

“What’s your name?” Steve asks, loosening his stance, putting some warmth in his voice.

The agent relaxes. The agents down the hall relax. The people monitoring the video feed probably also relax.

“Daniel,” the agent says.

“Daniel,” Steve repeats, smiling. “I’m not gonna apologize because I’m not sorry.”

“What?” Daniel asks, frowning, and Steve doesn’t hesitate.

He and James would’ve been just fine if the remnants of SHIELD had let them be, and if James has suffered a setback because of this—

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