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Association Fallacy

Being late bothers the hell out of Erik. He’s usually punctual. Perfectly punctual. But he’s having a bad day. This morning his phone’s alarm rang playing a song, not a tick-tock.

He slept through the song and woke up almost twenty minutes late. Then his daughter, Anya, explained the ringtone was her doing.

She’d been playing with his phone and thought a pretty song would be nicer.

The problem with his eight-year-old’s judgment is that she doesn’t appreciate that Papa can’t stand Florence and Machine, and his subconscious mind kept him asleep to protect him.

The morning is already a disaster when Erik realizes his Go Get Them Green Tie™ is missing.

He asks Anya’s nanny, Ms. Jean if she’s seen the thing. The young red-head shrugs and continues getting Anya ready for school. How can he be cross with that, he thinks. She’s doing her job.

And she’s not


Finding a suitable replacement for his favorite tie takes Erik an extra ten minutes. Ten minutes that puts him a half-hour behind the clogging traffic of a workday morning.

Which makes him almost an hour late to work. Which means he has to correct a clerical error done in his absence. Which makes him two hours late to the Mutant Initiative center.

Which is why one of the parents decide to volunteer.

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