Assing It Up: Three Years in Kirkwall
Assing It Up: Three Years in Kirkwall raleigh samson stories

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Assing It Up: Three Years in Kirkwall

Anton Hawke, of the Kirkwall Amells, the man who filled in where the Chantry could not reach, has put himself forth for viscount!

Lord Amell is widely known in certain circles for his intuitive grasp of political niceties and when to dispose of them.

His 'Sausage Party', last season, was a timeless event that would have put even his grandfather's grand balls to shame.

Aside from heartily outdoing the last Amell scion, he seems to follow in Aristide's footsteps with his outrageous events and nearly profligate generosity.

Despite these obvious outward shows of nobility, the man's closest friends include elves and mages -- his own father having been one of the most famous apostates to escape the Gallows!

Look to Lord Amell for financial stability, equal rights for all citizens, and an increase in festivities.

Next amid our horde of hopefuls for the position comes Merrill of the Sabrae clan, known for her unflinching defence of mage and elf rights.

A Dalish scholar, she has been an inspiration for our elf community with her headstrong views and unflappable humour.

Don't let her petite frame fool you -- she is full of ideas!

Though she promises to be a source of change for her people, she wants to uplift all the people of Kirkwall, elves and humans, nobles and servants alike.

Look to Merrill for strong morals and conviction and for the kind of changes Kirkwall needs!

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