Assassins x and x Magician
Assassins x and x Magician illumi zoldyck stories

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Assassins x and x Magician

Kikyo was rarely one to take a second look at children that weren't her own, but when she and her husband were blending into a crowd a small boy caught her attention.

The little one couldn't be more than seven or eight years old, bubblegum pink hair a mess on his face, "Ladies and gentlemen! What I'm about to do is for the skeptical!

" The little boy pointed at Silva, "You, sir! Do you believe in the supernatural?"

Silva looked down at his wife who only smiled and pushed him towards the child that barely reached above his knee, "Just show me the trick.

" He obviously didn't want to do this, but Kikyo was interested so why not?

Hisoka cleared his throat and grinned the little bells sewed on his ridiculous outfit jingling softly, "Straight to the point I like that," The kid winked at the much larger man,

"If you would check the pocket inside of your, um, robe? The card King of hearts will be there." Silva did as he was told his eyes widening slightly when he pulled out the card.

How did the little boy manage to do that? "Now if you would look at the card in your hand again." Silva did and now it was the Joker card.

People started clapping in the audience and Hisoka bowed bells jingling.

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