Ash in the Blood
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Ash in the Blood

After two years, Byerly was given the opportunity to return to Barrayar with no explanation.

Had it been the emperor or ImpSec that had decided he was no longer required to be embedded with the Arquas? Byerly didn’t know. He hadn’t rested on his laurels.

Though the Arquas knew he was a spook it didn’t hinder him (not detrimentally) from ferreting out useful intel. So why now? And why was he wasting his time even thinking about it.

ImpSec never explained their decisions; not unless it was to their advantage, which meant you had to pick apart the detail to find the truth yourself.

Being an expert himself in planting lies as truth and vice versa Byerly knew he’d have to bide his time on this answer.

The rumours that he’d fled to escape arrest for collusion with the Arquas, for not so much grand as gargantuan theft, had been flipped to Byerly leaving Barrayar to clear his name.

ImpSec gave out a vague statement that Byerly had assisted the authorities in clearing up matters, which couldn’t be disclosed for security reasons,

and the previous (fake) warrants for Byerly’s arrest were now expunged.

It gave his reputation an added mystery and he enjoyed reading the conspiracy theories about what people thought had really happened.

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