Asgore's Wars, Within, Without
Asgore's Wars, Within, Without father-daughter relationship stories

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fiction by metellastella adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Asgore's Wars, Within, Without

The chimera king sat in his study, shuffling papers around on his desk. He wasn't organizing them. He was moving them around for the sake of the rustle and the distraction. He was nervous.

He and his friend Gaster had been up all night many times, pouring over these very papers.

Checking how monsters were doing while being confined Underground, casting out inquiries in the form of questionnaires about policies. Most of them came back blank.

As long as everything was more or less peaceful, people didn't seem to care what they did. It was somehow

nerve wracking not to have any feedback. How was he to know what reactions would be if . . .

He had contemplated in how many different ways his proposal could go wrong, and how many different ways it could go right. He was driving himself up the wall with this.

The soft

of the door opening appeared magnified in the soundproofed room. With him completely lost in his thoughts, it might as well have been a bang.

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