Asexual!Spencer Reid: A Headcanon's Explanation [meta]
Asexual!Spencer Reid: A Headcanon's Explanation [meta] fanfiction stories

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Asexual!Spencer Reid: A Headcanon's Explanation [meta]

This is NOT a traditional fanvideo, and more of a casual and silly "fandom meta essay" in video form.

If you're interested in a BEAUTIFUL Spencer Reid related video, check out this one THUNDERBRAT8 made for me for Vidders4aCause:

or if you're looking in general for other, more typical, Criminal Minds vidding of mine, check out my playlist of other CM vidding here:

- and note that I do plan to make multiple Criminal Minds fanvids in the relatively near future. They will be typical fanvids with lyric matching and emotional tributes to specific bonds.

I am excited to make them. I have rewatched the entire series once other than the final season - season 11 - meaning seasons 1-10 I saw twice, and season 11 I've only seen once.

After that rewatch of seasons 1-10, somehow I got to the point where I am currently midway through season 5 on my SECOND re-watch of it.

This time around,

which is my third time seeing most episodes (although a few select episodes I've seen more than three times) I've been taking notes on things that might be fun to write meta about AND/OR

on specific aspects of the show I might want to vid, like a tribute to Dave Rossi & Aaron Hotchner's friendship, and many of the other individual dynamics on the show too.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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