Ascension Book 2: Eternal
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Ascension Book 2: Eternal

On August 5th 1995, a warm breeze blew through the deserts of Las Vegas. The bright lights and the loud sounds of the city set the scene.

There was a lot of yelling, cursing, and the honking of horns all around the Vegas Strip.

There were people on the ground gambling away their entire fortunes, their houses, their cars, their entire livelihood.

It was a chaotic scene where many stepped into Vegas hoping to strike it rich and left with nothing but the clothes upon their back, if they were fortunate.

Pamela Lillian Isley thought that she had walked into Vegas and hit the jackpot, which was something that many didn't get walk away with.

The seventeen year old female looked out onto the desert from the balcony of the hotel room that she and her lover were staying in.

She had a healthy head of long red hair that framed her face then fell down to her middle back.

She had pouty red lips that looked delicious enough to eat although there was still a bit of a shy smile that crossed her face and a look of unexplainable longing that appeared in her eyes

at times, although it was really rare these days. She was more at ease with who she was now.

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