Asagao Emblem: Dusk's Descent
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fan work by cleargemshipper adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Asagao Emblem: Dusk's Descent

” the cloaked figure shot up from his travel bed, sweat drenching his body as the fabric of the black cloak clung to his skin,

acting as his only source of warmth and comfort during the cold nights of travel.

Rapid breaths came from the cloaked figure’s mouth, as he tried to come back to his senses and shake away the nightmare that plagued him once again.

Whether it had been the 2nd or 30th time he’s had it, he had lost count long ago, but the image still scared him to the very core. Those glowing amber eyes, the jaws of the beast….

it all seemed too real to him.

The cloaked figure sighed, drawing back his hood, revealing a mess of auburn hair that complimented his light blue eyes, the same color as water that froze during the harsh winters.

The figure quickly stuck his head out of the small little tent that acted as his temporary home, scanning the purple skies and the sunrise accompanying it.

He let out a sigh of relief, before promptly shaking his head and retreating back into the little tent, quickly wiping his face of the sweat.

He would have to shower once the sky turned it’s usual sky blue.

Rolling up the little travel bed and sticking it in the corner, the cloaked figure took out a rug-like mat from a bag in the corner and set it down onto the floor.

Producing two pillows, he quickly set one on the opposite ends of the mat, before grabbing a miniature round table and setting it in the space between the two pillows.

Quickly, the man brought out a few candles and a small incense offering, and set them around the table, but not lighting them. It was too early, of course.

Customers wouldn’t come to his little shop this early in the morning.

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