As We Come Apart
As We Come Apart simon cowell stories

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As We Come Apart

The fifth floor Modest meeting room is in function, meaning it is a fiasco unfolding.

Modest employees know that any meeting taking in the glass, soundproof cube means extra work and extra effort, plus utter chaos. But most of them are asleep on their beds at this hour.

Inside the cube, the things are almost ending. The deafening silence after a long session of arguments and one sided shouting, hints that much. Taking the opportunity,

, the main PR coordinator for One Direction takes her voice with a finality - attempting to lighten the situation.

They really need to send the boy back soon, there is a show he needs to get ready by the morning...

“There's no going back now; we need to handle this intelligently. Meaning, that we will have to use whatever the backlash to our advantage,” she says curtly.

“As said, there'll be no rescheduling, or cancellations.  We will draw a media response plan accordingly for you, Harry, and rest of the boys.

You all will have to follow our lead for a while until this situation calms down.” She sits back in her chair, waiting to hear the word

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