As Time Goes By
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As Time Goes By

This place was filled with suckers. Seriously- all this loot and they barely had any security what so ever! Talk about a bunch of idiots!

Oh well… not like it mattered to him- their loss not his. Heh.

His two companions continued piling the cash in their satchels, and he himself kept look out.

Not that he had any fear what so ever – but dealing with some overzealous security guard would be rather tiresome.

"Hey idiots! Get your asses in gear and hurry up!" He barked.

"We're going as fast as we can boss!" The first moron whined.

"Yeah give us a break! How about you come and help us out if you're so hell bent on getting out of here!" The other muttered. He narrowed his eyes.

"I'm supervising! Now move it!" He ran a hand through his red locks- idiots.

He was surrounded by idiots! Finally- after another tongue lashing the two were ready- they hoisted the huge bags over their shoulders and looked at him for instruction.

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