As Ordered
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As Ordered

Stiles cursed, staring at the paper with his assignment, his fingers stroking the infinity mark in the divot of his jaw on his neck that showed he was a sub.

"This isn't what I expected," he muttered unhappily, sitting on the stairs outside of the town hall. He took a couple breaths to calm himself before finally looking down at his lap.

Looking over the pamphlets, his eyes grew wide.

Stiles groaned, placing his head on his knees. "Great, just great. Obey or die, it seems." He let out an almost hysterical laugh.

He didn't really mind being a sub; it's more that he was afraid his assignment would be one of those Doms you constantly see in the news,

arrested for the severe neglect and eventual death of their sub.

Stiles sighed, rubbing a hand over his face and cursed softly as he gathered up his pamphlets. He headed to a nearby park, looking for a place to read and think.

The more he thought it through, though, the more the rules made sense. Really, they were there to make sure there were beginning guidelines.

And he'd known some Doms that completely ignored them. Doms like his father. His mother had had a phone, clothes and everything else.

True, the whole ‘must wear a mark of your Dom’ and ‘permission for work’ and such had still been in effect,

but his father didn't see the point in his mother parading around in nothing but her collar and cuffs.

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