As N Approaches Infinity
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As N Approaches Infinity

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A peaceful spring had descended upon Karakura Town. It was a welcome relief to the inhabitants of the Urahara Shop.

The sinister supernatural plotting and their major project had been neatly resolved mere months before.

All the supernaturally aware residents of Karakura had breathed a collective sigh of relief and found themselves able to relax and enjoy the budding and blossoming of trees and flowers.

True, they would never be free of Hollows, but individual Hollows were much less stressful than predatory conspiracies.

Simple Hollow hunting was like a vacation compared to the threats orchestrated by Sōsuke Aizen and Xcution.

One of these calm spring days two weeks into the new school year found Jinta Hanakiri and Ururu Tsumugiya in the courtyard of Urahara Shop, as usual.

Neither had bothered to change out of their school uniforms.

Life had gone back to normal for them, which is to say, Ururu was dutifully sweeping the path while Jinta acted out and narrated an imaginary baseball game in which he led his team to victory.

Both stopped and looked up when someone entered the courtyard.

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