As Good As It Gets
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A fiction by hellonightmares adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

As Good As It Gets

She doesn't know if its true love but it feels profound and beautiful and so, so right.

For Christmas Freddie buys Sam gourmet meat and a big bag of licorice and Sam knits him a sweater (she took classes for months to learn) and Freddie loves it even though it’s

an awful sweater but he’s such a geek about homemade presents and it’s not quite the right brand of meat but Sam really appreciates his efforts to please her.

Sam find college applications hidden under his bed and that’s when she find things to distract herself from thinking about what’s going to happen after graduation –which includes fixing

a motorbike with Spencer for his strange friend.

Carly decides not to go to prom which surprised Sam thoroughly, but seeing as she wasn’t going and therefore Freddie wasn’t either they decided have a little celebration of their own.

So they decide to stay at a cheap local hotel and invite Gibby and Melanie (who is back in town because she graduated early).

They order room service, drink too much crappy alcohol and listen to way too many Taylor Swift songs and almost get kicked out for being too loud.

Freddie and Sam do it, it’s awkward but enjoyable and they fall asleep almost right after. In the morning they wake up with hangovers and happy memories

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