As Fickle as a Rose.
As Fickle as a Rose. heaven stories

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A fanfic by queenahx adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

As Fickle as a Rose.

Two people were standing in a vast open space. The ground beneath them was a luxurious, poisonous green.

Around them were towering trees, which contained colourful fruits of all shapes and sizes; including rounded apples, hourglass pears, crescent shaped bananas and infinite oval kiwis.

The whole landscape had a stigma of pure creation, like everything was some immaculate and intricate design.

One of the beings took the form of a tall man with broad shoulders and confident attire. He had powerful blue eyes that matched the colour of the skies above.

They danced in the light of the sun that he created – The Morningstar. His hair was a luscious chestnut brown, which drawled smoothly past his jaw, barely touching his shoulders.

This was Heaven’s most beautiful angel with his wonderful white wings hanging behind him. Even as they were relaxed, they were still bold and matched him perfectly.

The other was a shorter being, more humbled in her size. It was almost like she was his polar opposite, with her narrow shoulders and slim body.

But her glassy silver eyes were almost on par with his; and despite them not being as colourful, they still sparkled as they absorbed the surroundings.

They were filled with glimmer and wonder as she scanned the miraculous place. Her eyes contrasted her light brown hair that flowed way past her shoulder blades, and almost swung at her hips.

She was undeniably beautiful, but nothing could compare her to her elder sibling.

They sauntered around the Garden with elegance whilst their wings bobbed slightly behind them as they combed the floor with the tips.

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