Art inspired by The Swan
Art inspired by The Swan slow dancing stories

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Art inspired by The Swan

The fanart today is to illustrate a fanfiction I'm following new chapters with passion : The Swan, by the talented Waitfornight.

This story is a true poetry . The love story between Charles and Erik emerges very gradually , in small successive touches like a impresionniste painting.

The atmospheres are mysterious and the feelings are intensely dramatic.

In this drawing, I do not show a particular scene. Instead, I wanted to express the general feeling that inspires me the story.

Erik and Charles are like two dancers in a ballet very tender, very slow.

They fondle and breathe .

The curse that haunts Charles appears . His wings are almost here and his back is almost covered with the feathers of the swan.

I find that he does look a bit like an angel. And Erik , who is holding him gently , is a bit like his knight in adoration.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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