Around the Dinner Table
Around the Dinner Table parker jones stories

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A work by hannavictoria adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Around the Dinner Table

He’d been low, so bad his annoyingly inscrutable dad was noticeably concerned. He’d latched on to the weirdness around him because, why not? His best friend was dead and so was his big brother.

It hurt realizing only now how much he’d been Micah’s big brother too. Lately though that was often intertwined with the feeling he was being watched.

PJ had always been there with an iced tea and a deviled egg when Micah was legitimately miserable.

Then a few month’s after the funeral he began finding them left around a lot without explanation.

Some were in places where he could believe maybe his dad was just lying when he said it wasn’t him ‘Wouldn’t be the first time he played dumb.

’ He was seriously starting to wonder what the man’s issue with openly showing he cared was.

Last week was the final straw. Blake, Alan, and Sean three homophobic idiots from school were starting with him.

God bless them they’d given him a mourning period almost looked kind of sad about it too, but that was

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