Arm's Reach
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Arm's Reach

It was Goose that first noticed what Zachary was doing. Or, more specifically, not doing. How Zachary was avoiding using his bionic arm.

At first he wondered if it was just reflex, like how an injury could make a person favor a limb even after it was healed.

Granted, Zachary had been unconscious for a great deal of the time he'd been down an arm, but there had been enough time between them getting him back to BETA and stabilized,

and when they had been able to fit him with a new arm that it wasn't unreasonable that such reflexes would develop.

So Goose didn't say anything the first couple of times he noticed Zachary doing things like reaching across his body awkwardly to pick something up with his real hand when his bionic hand

was closer and in a much better position. A leftover reflex, he thought, one that would gradually fade away as Zachary got used to having two hands again.

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