Arms Out In The Rain
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Arms Out In The Rain

Following the tall blonde, Fitz found himself jogging to keep up with her long strides.

“We here are happy to welcome you,” she was saying, looking down at her clipboard, “Dr Fitz…”

But Fitz just cut her off. “Please, it’s just Fitz.” The blonde turned to face him, and nodded before turning back to face the double doors ahead.

Her hair was pinned up in a bun that was starting to come undone. Fitz thought that she looked stressed, and he supposed that she was.

Working for Roxxon, especially in one of the Dollhouses, was an extremely stressful job. Especially when you were in charge.

“Are you ready?” she turned to him again, a smile gracing her face.

He nodded, felling suddenly uneasy but he shook that thought from his head. He had been offered a job here without ever needing to apply.

At first he found that this was somewhat suspicious but upon reading the rest of the package that had arrived in the email, his found the job to be something that seemed worthwhile.

Somewhere to stay, good pay and a chance to work with some of the latest technology. And even technology that had yet to hit the market.

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