Armageddon, Motherfuckers
Armageddon, Motherfuckers end of the world stories

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fiction by frais adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Armageddon, Motherfuckers

It was Pete's idea. It was an old one from way back when Patrick was stuck in a van with him and actually listened to the bullshit that came out of his mouth.

They hadn't even broken up for the first time back then.

"I totally, without jealousy, want to know who you'd bang if the world was to end.

" Patrick at the time had pretended that no one else would ever be good enough for him because he had Pete and that was enough for both of them.

Patrick had a faithful friend in ignorance and it got him far with regards to their relationship.

Then in 2006, when the bubble had completely burst in Patrick's face and he one hundred percent was...n't exactly

Pete, but was hugely pissed off with him, he handed his list to Pete on the back of a crumpled receipt. He did it in his neatest writing and didn't title it. Pete would know what it was about.

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