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Are You Watching?

He’s five years old. He enjoys fighting and the feeling of strength he gets from defeating others. He’s made a few friends by defeating bullies, but they don’t stay long.

His strength frightens them.

Misaki reassures him. Someday, he’ll make a good friend. She’s strong too. Stronger than him and she has friends. So he believes her and keeps trying. Keeps fighting for both a friend and to win.

He’s nine now and still has no friends. Nobody sticks around. A few have tried to pretend they care. But in the end they all leave. He doesn’t believe Misaki anymore.

She has a gang starting to grow around her but he’s still alone. He doesn’t trust anyone.

But he’s still strong and decides he doesn’t need friends. As long as he has his strength, he’s fine. He can get by. So he starts pushing people away. He doesn’t want to deal with them anymore.

Doesn’t want them staring and talking about him.

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