Are You Anything Akin To Me?
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A fanfic by inalesslethaldress posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Are You Anything Akin To Me?

I can feel him with me, always. It’s not as if I want to. I

I don’t. He knows this. But he is relentless, utterly without mercy. This does not surprise me, for did he not warn me himself of his nature, of his intent?

I thought he would surely strike me then; such insulting contempt as I threw into my tone, my expression!

And he a man wholly unused to opposition of any kind, with a temper utterly unsuited to brooking the insolence which I take delight in displaying towards him.

A fearsome grimace did indeed flash across his features, one hand clenched abruptly at his side,

and for a timeless moment I felt myself to be the arbiter of the scene; if the rage I had induced caused him to wreak vengeance on my person,

then unquestionably I should emerge the victor - broken, torn I might be

, but his lapse in control would set me forever above him mentally.

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