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are we recording?

It's sort of rude how attractive Tom is.

Joe is recording a new video for hitRECord - okay, no; Joe is trying to record a video for hitRECord, but Tom keeps being fucking gorgeous and it's distracting.

He came into Joe's studio 20 minutes ago wearing this offensive white shirt that is like two sizes too small and it looks like he's choking his own goddamn arms.

It would be ridiculous if Joe wasn't so fucking gone for the guy.

He sighs inaudibly and bites the inside of his cheek.

Alright, back to business.

"Are we recording?

Regular Joe here", he begins again and tries to smile at the camera,

but he sort of moved his computer this morning and now he's facing the drums instead of the wall and Tom is sitting on the stool and he's spinning and playing with his phone and there is

zero reason for him to be here, he should be reading the script he brought with him or call Lois, shit, he could be cleaning the bathroom if you ask Joe,

just stop spinning around and looking ready to be eaten with his sloppy hair that's grown out of it's cut and his two-weeks-before-caveman beard.

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