Architectural Attraction
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Architectural Attraction

2:15 am.

Steve glanced at the slightly fuzzy red numbers on his alarm clock for a moment, finally giving up with a sign and clicking on the light.

Clearly sleep wasn't coming tonight, just like it hadn't for the last three.

Swinging his legs out of bed, he padded cross his tiny Brooklyn apartment towards the fridge, yawning as he pulled out the milk to pour himself a bowl of cereal,

wishing for about the hundredth time that he was still overseas with his childhood best friend Bucky - it had been years since he'd had to fall asleep without the sound of his gentle snores

to help him drift off.  The silence of his old life without his friend was practically deafening to him, especially when it came to time to try a sleep.

He missed the barracks, the quiet reminder that his friend was within sight, still breathing and safe from the battle for at least that moment.

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