Archangel High
Archangel High set in 1989 stories

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Archangel High

Lisa and Jules were starting their senior year the same way they had started all their years in the high school. Boring and drab comes to mind.

Lisa had at least got her drivers license a few days ago. Julie had hers over the summer. So their summer seemed to be less dull than usual.

Jules' car was in the shop . She walked over to Lisa's house. Which was funny because all she had to do was go out her front door. Lisa lived next door.

Lisa was her cousin but everyone thought they were sisters. They were both Campbells. Lisa's car was an old car. Mark her brother had given it to her. Hey, it was a Trans-am.

Lisa bolted out the door before Jules could knock.

She had on her usual blue jeans and a Ramones t-shirt. Her shoes were sneakers. Lisa grabbed the keys off the stand by the door. She looked up to see Jules standing right and laughed.

Jules had on a button-up white shirt and jeans, her brown auburn hair neatly brushed and tied up in a bun. She had on dress shoes. Jules always was the neat one.

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