Archaic Kinds Of Fun
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short story by totidemverbis adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Archaic Kinds Of Fun



” Jo nearly broke a finger trying to get her phone out of the hidden pocket on the inside of her flowy skirt, that she had to sew herself,

and she was really not in the mood to talk to anyone that has her phone number. Despite the interruption, there was still a body pressed against her front and slowly moving against her.

Whatever. She can multitask.

“Is that how you always answer the phone, Eris?” She knows that voice, because there’s no one else that can ever sound that menacing without effort.

“There’s usually a bit more profanity actually, sir.” Her words were low and came out in a slow drawl as her hips moved in a circle.

“I need you to come in.” The words made her completely freeze, and she smiled across at her dancing partner as she told Fury to wait a second.

She let her hips have one last grind, gave her dancing partner’s tonsils a goodbye kiss, and then sauntered away from the giant block party.

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