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A fiction by theknightkingdom posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Arborlon University

Eretria was woken up by some rock music coming from her alarm. Dreary, she struggled to open her eyes. "Wakey, wakey!" Said a girl with long blonde hair standing at the bottom of her bed.

She was dressed in a pink dress and had a few plastic curlers in her hair. Eretria untangled herself from her blanket and turned her alarm off. It was 6:30 AM.

"Ugh, Morgan, please stay on your side of the room. Your cooties are a little too close for me." Eretria swatted her hand in a shoo-ing motion.

"Hey , it's not like I enjoy being your roommate either." Morgan rolled her eyes. "Besides, I was only hoping you wake up because I have a message for you."

Eretria sat up and raised her brow. "From?"

"Patience love, gosh! I take my time waiting for you to get up and yet you treat me with such impatience! "

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