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Tino landed on the ground smoothly as the magic dust around him faded out. He took a deep breath and expired pleasantly, enjoying the pure air of Earth.

It always felt good to be on mission back on Earth. The happiness he felt contrasted a lot with the Earthlings’ misery; but that what was his job was about.

He was there, like many others, to help the Earthlings live better and more comfortably. He had seen a lot of humans in his long life, and dear were they sad.

Then, Tino acted, did magic tricks, helped, comforted, consoled, even cried, and in the end, he could solely remember the smile on his clients’ faces once happiness was theirs.

On his shoulder was a brownish handbag which contained many, many things. This magic bag was able to bear an infinite amount of artifacts that could come handy at some point in Tino’s mission.

He also hid in there some of his belongings, like perfumes, umbrellas, even some clothes. He sought in the bag a piece of paper which always appeared in the same pocket.

That is how his boss, the Upthere, transmitted him the pieces of information needed to start his mission.

They sometimes used phones or a mystic sign that scared Tino most of the time, like magically carving the message in an untouched tree.

Once in a while, they would even have the courtesy of offering him a function, a job, to make sure he would stay as close as possible to his client.

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