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written piece by owlmoose adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The Inquisition had been operating in Skyhold for six months when Alistair decided to pay an official visit.

Skyhold was in Ferelden, after all, and so at least theoretically under his protection and control.

His first meeting with the Inquisitor, in Redcliffe, had been less than auspicious,

but her staff had been so helpful in the negotiations with Orlais that he hoped this interaction would end more happily.

And so far, so good, he thought as he started up the tower stairs.

His first day at Skyhold had been both productive and pleasant: he had met with the Inquisitor and her staff, taken the grand tour of the Keep, and spent the evening catching up with Varric.

No drama, no explosions, no one mortally offended.

Now he was headed for the rookery, on his way to a planned meeting with Leliana -- she'd been with the Inquisitor, of course, but he hoped to chat with her in a less formal setting.

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