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A fan work by seymoresinn adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


- The Foreign Resort from

(hear the whole song

Wilhelmina Graham was 37, tall-ish, awkward and to smart for her own social life. She had dark curling hair and luminous blue eyes set in a charming angular face.

She tended to give an impression of shy, wide-eyed sweetness, but usually that impression stopped - abruptly - the moment she started to speak.

Particularly when she was lecturing to her students at Quantico.

Particularly when she was lecturing with the aid of a digital projector full of crime scene photos.

“The house was invaded by direct forced entry to the front door, triggering the home alarum system and luring the occupants to their deaths.” Change slide.

“Thomas Marlow was shot twice through the throat, severing his carotid and jugular, leaving him alive just long enough to see what the killer had planed.” Change slide.

“Please take note of the blood spatter on the stairs and wall relative to the position of the body as found. What might this tell us about the killer? Did they anticipate Mr.

Marlow approach from the stairway, or was the shot spontaneous? This could be vital in making supposition about the killer’s abilities.” Change slide.

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