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Anywhere But Here

Pam turned the corner to see Jim standing at the driver's side window of a dark green Honda Civic, Lisa's car. The engine's hum prevented Pam from making out any of their conversation.

She slowly made her way up the sidewalk, crossing her arms and rubbing the back of her elbows like she was cold, though she wasn't.

"Pam!" she heard a girlish voice call. She turned her head to the open passenger-side window.

"Hey Lisa," Pam said, sounding more cheerful than she felt.

"Don't take any more of Jim's money, okay? We have a wedding to pay for," Lisa said with a broad smile, her large blue eyes shining.

Pam glanced over the top of the Civic, and couldn't stop herself from smiling when Jim gave her an accusatory look which quickly melted into a smile.

"I think Jim knows when to cut his losses," Pam said, still looking at Jim.

Lisa turned back to Jim, "I'll see you later."

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