Anybody out there?
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Anybody out there?

It was a cold October day in Seoul, and a small blonde man was waiting outside an apartment building,

looking exasperated and cold even with his grey coat and huge scarf covering the bottom half of his face.

Yoongi looked down at his phone, furrowing his brow and sighing, and decided to call his boyfriend and scream at him for being late to their monthly dinner date.

After being in a relationship with Yongguk for 2 years and living together for 6 months, the other man should know their routine by now, thought the freezing boy bitterly.

After a few seconds, the other male took the call.

“Ey Yoongi!”

“Where the fuck are you Yongguk?

I have been waiting here for 15 minutes already and I´m freezing my ass off, we are going to be late to take the underground and we will lose the reservation at the restaurant!”

“I´m so sorry Yoongi-yah, something came up on the company and I had to remake the new boygroup song nearly from the scratch. I took a taxi, and I´m nearly there, so be ready ok?”

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