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Any Moment

Though Dustin was not sure of many things in his life, he couldn't deny the fact that their zord battle against the Thunder punks had not gone well.

Actually that was an understatement - if the sparking wires that had so nicely

been sparking (or even visible) before the battle - were any indication. His cockpit looked like a tornado had hit it, and he felt like he had been caught in it.

Having the biggest zord wasn't looking like such a good thing now. Biggest zord equaled majority of the damage.

That hadn't been much of a problem until this point, but then again, they hadn't really gotten schooled until now.

No, that wasn't quite the right way to put it. They got owned.

And not like kinda-owned, but completely-and-totally owned, which was something Dustin would've been more worried about if his back wasn't throbbing.

Slowly, the yellow ranger craned his head to see the cause of his discomfort, which appeared to be a giant piece of metal that used to be a support beam or…something, it was probably important,

and was probably something else he should be entirely more worried about

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