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Antonia Sharpe

After Teresa’s death Richards falls into a depression so deep that Patrick at moments fears he will take one suicidal mission too many and not return.

As such it takes him three months to remember that he also has a daughter who lost a mother. He sends a letter to Teresa’s brother asking about Antonia. The answer is curt.

Antonia is well and is taken care of.

Richard leaves it at that.

He doesn’t have the faintest clue how to be a father and he figures that being Antonia Moreno,

niece of a spanish lord is preferable to being Antonia Sharpe the daughter of a guttersnipe Major who jumped up from the ranks.

He keeps writing letters though. Antonia is the last thing he has left of Teresa and he always had trouble letting go of what he considers his.

And somewhere deep in his heart there is also this pipe dream that when the war is over he will have accumulated enough wealth and rank that he can come back for her.

And so he spends evenings slaving over painstakenly written letters first in English and then in carefully worded Spanish that get mediculously picked over by Harris and occasionally major Hogan.

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