Another Pride A lion king fanfic By Cal
Another Pride  A lion king fanfic     By Cal lion king stories

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A TLK fanfic.

Another Pride A lion king fanfic By Cal

My family lived in a very lush forest. It was really pretty. I loved it there. We had some neighbors, but after awhile I learned to ignore them. We lived a good life, generally. We had lots to eat, and a stream that flowed through the 'territory'. It was nice.

This is what my Dad looked like.

And this is what my mom looked like. They met by a stream. It was probably very romantic. They waited 6 months to have cubs.

I was born first, then my sister. Her name is Destiny. As a cub, she looked like this...

She is very playful, but I was too. Until I turned 12 months old. Then I got really tired. Anywho, I looked like this as a cub...

Moving on, I had lots of friends when I was younger, like these 2 cubs named Andrea and Samantha, in my old territory. We moved though, obviously, so I never saw them again. But I don't really care. I also met this cub named Haden, but after I got sick of going to 'school' I never saw him again, either.

But I don't really care. My sister has a few friends named Draden, Dominic, and Kaitlyn. I don't see Kaitlyn much, but I don't mind her. The other boys left for a different territory, but they'll probably come back. [The image is Kaitlyn]

My life now is pretty secretive. I don't go by other cubs now as much, and I only have a few friends. 4 are my family, and the other is this black panther named Kasper [who in real life doesn't exist].

Here's me;

Here's my sister;

And my sister is also really nice. She's the only friend who stuck. I am very grateful for her. The end.

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