Another Path: Sacrifices and Ghosts
Another Path: Sacrifices and Ghosts pov alternating stories

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Another Path: Sacrifices and Ghosts

Stiles runs through the familiar woods of the preserve dodging branches that seemed to leap out of the blackness of the night and leapt over fallen logs that appeared determined to send

her crashing to the woodsy floor.

. The thought ricochets around Stiles' brain, pounding louder and louder in time with her frantic heartbeat.

Crashing sounds from behind Stiles-right on her tail. If she were to look behind her, she would have undoubtedly seen the red-black eyes of a dark witch.

The same witch that slaughtered her pack one by one—saving Stiles for last.

With an extra burst of adrenaline and desperation,

Stiles is able to find a reserve of speed and continues to fly through the woods of the preserve making her way towards her destination—the Nemeton. She cannot fail.

She must get to the Nemeton or else everything—all the deaths, the sacrifices, the torture she had endured would be for nothing.

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