Another Life
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Another Life

Chapter 1: Noise

Outside there was noise. There was always something going on just beyond the door. Yelling, screaming, running through the halls. It always brought back bad memories.

Well, not bad in the usual sense of the word. Not bad as in the kind of memories that to an outsider would appear as anything to be ashamed of.

Bad as in the memories that you wish you could forget. That was always what puzzled Jacob, that it was the most mundane of things that hurt the most.

That day was no different than the ones that had come before,

and as he lay in bed contemplating the day ahead it occurred to Jacob that the days that would come after would be nothing more than the same.

He was starting to wonder if maybe it was the sameness that was the problem all along. He had been wondering things like that a lot in the days that passed him by.

It all seemed not to add up to what he had believed that it would be, and that was becoming more and more of a problem.

It was bad enough that things had clearly not worked out with Emma as planned, but now something was just not right with Joe either.

He had all these hopes for when the moment would come that they would be able to stand truly face to face, but Joe wasn’t quite living up to his expectations. Nothing was.

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