Another End
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A written piece by spitfireusn adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Another End

Everyone usually relaxed after ops. Even Archer and Toad took a break from the range to relax in the rec room or sleep in.

As it was, Roach and Chemo were playing video games and Ghost, MacTavish, and Archer, the three officers of the team, sat at the table, talking and playing a simple card game with few rules.

Archer mentioned seeing a couple new names crossing his desk earlier when he’d been doing paperwork and MacTavish nodded, “They’ll be comin’ in in the morning,” he confirmed,

placing a card in the middle, “King of Hearts.”

“Bullshit,” Ghost called him out and flipped the card to find that MacTavish was, indeed, lying, “Who are they?” he questioned as MacTavish grumbled and took the pile.

“Rebecca Myers and Jason Miller,” Archer answered, “Call-signs Dash and Jay respectively.

Ace of Diamonds,” he placed the card face down on the middle of the now empty table, nobody dared to try their luck at calling Archer on his bluff, but he’d actually laid down a Queen of Spades.

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