Annabelles suffering
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Annabelles suffering

Annabelles Diary, KEEP OUT!!!!!

Hey diary, this is my first entry and I have lots to tell you!

I dont really know how to feel about finding you, Daddy told me that you were supposed to be a birthday present from Mummy before we lost her, I miss Mummy so much.

I don't understand why Daddy hasnt told me about you before it's like he doesnt care sometimes.....

no that isn't, fair like Daddy says he loves me lots he is just very busy with his gallery and trying to run a sucessful business, yes that's it he is just too busy for me.

Anyway since Mummy is gone Daddy says that he doesnt have the time to look after me, run his gallery and afford to home school me so he decided to send me to a boarding school...

Cheltnam Ladies boarding school!!!!!!

I am sooooo excited I get to meet lots of girls and make loads of friends and I won't have to stay at home all alone with Maria (the nanny),

I don't much like Maria she is very uptight for a nanny and always points out my 'flaws' and don't get me wrong I love Daddy and he loves me but he isn't around much because

his gallery demands a lot of his time, besides I dont have many friends and I really want to change that.

I can't wait for the summer to end so I can start again, I won't have to be alone anymore diary, I will have friends to talk to and cry with and share secrets with.

Cheltnam will be the best, Daddy says its the best school for young ladies in the whole of England, sorry I can't write more diary, Maria says it's time for bed :(

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