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Anna Über Alles


Elsa Arendal was tired; tired from not having slept well the nights before, and tired of the cacophonous attempts at music coming from her neighbors’ garage.

In the two short weeks since she had moved into the house that noise had managed to burn through her usually formidable patience, and there wasn’t much more that she could take.

Her new housemates might be fine with it, though some baffling combination of self-inflicted insomnia and the uncanny ability to sleep through anything less than a minor detonation,

but Elsa’s rest was neither so poorly scheduled nor so robust that she could ignore the issue any longer.

If she could at least have concentrated despite it she might have been able to manage, but Elsa read best in proper silence,

something that her new neighbors apparently couldn’t allow her at nearly ten o’clock at night.

The textbook snapped shut with a satisfying *thwap*, frustration putting more force into it then was quite necessary.

Under normal circumstances the disturbance would have been palpably out of place in the well-kept room.

Every part of Elsa’s domain was placed with studied precision, neatly ordered and sorted, folded and fit.  Books lined the shelves, morose guardians over the carefully made bed.

The desk held a small lamp near the center and assortment of pens confined to their corner.

Dirty clothes were kept isolated in a small hamper near the door, ready to be escorted away whenever it filled.

The room exuded a sense of calm and quiet that grated against the sounds invading it, setting Elsa’s teeth on edge.

Clearly she wouldn’t be able to accomplish much tonight without staying up late yet again, and tonight that was just too much.  No more.

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