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work by emryskynobi adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Sitting under a large tree, an ageless student rested, curled around a large book. To the left side, an unfinished cup of cocoa waited patiently for the drinker to stir and remember it.

On the other side - the far side of the campus, a dark car rolled to a stop.

The window hissed as it unrolled in the cool air and two gentlemen looked out, studying the students that passed by and mingled near. "That one."

"Are you sure? The student seems rather passive for our needs."

"I am," he replied, somewhat testily. "Look at the position of the head. That student is aware of our observations."

Keen, hawkish eyes flicked towards them and an almost contemptuous sneer crossed the lips.

With a barely discernable gesture, the car started driving away, only to stop half an hour later at the city limits. The occupants were stunned but unharmed.

"Any questions?" the calm voice covered the shock almost completely. "Make no mistake, that student is our new Jonathon O'Neill."

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