Animal Bonds
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Animal Bonds

A dark haired man walked down in front of a line of others. He wore glasses, and looked older. It was impossible to tell his actual age.

He was relatively tall, and had an interesting southern drawl, going by the title of the Director. However, the aspects of this man were nothing compared to those he stood before.

The men and women lined up each wore different colored armor. They ranged from light blue to white to grey with yellow highlights.

These were the freelancers: an elite team of soldiers trained to fight the impending alien army and protect humanity. There were nine of them, and nine boxes behind the Director.

“It was decided that to further aid your fighting skills, each of you will be paired with an animal companion.” He addressed the group.

Another man spoke up, this one dark skinned with a smooth, slow voice. “They are all young and will need caring.

However, all of them have the best breeding and will surely be excellent fighters. The animals are all equipped with a chip that allows them to communicate with you, as well as other abilities.

Those that might naturally be nocturnal are no longer so.”

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