Angels Aren't Real: A Supernatural/Night Vale Cross
Angels Aren't Real: A Supernatural/Night Vale Cross castiel/dean winchester stories

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Angels Aren't Real: A Supernatural/Night Vale Cross

There were many strange things that Dean Winchester had encountered, but none of them compared to how normal Night Vale appeared when they first drove in.

Sure, there was the fact that the only two radio channels were one that was only a woman reciting numbers and a community radio station whose broadcaster seemed to know that Dean,

his brother Sam, and his boyfriend Cas had come into town that day.

It was a little disconcerting, so much so that Dean had eventually just turned off the radio right before the “Children’s Fun Fact Science Corner”,

something that Dean was pretty sure he didn’t want to know what it was. Other than the radio, the town seemed like a nice one.

Not many people were out and about, but those that were seemed like perfectly normal people going about perfectly normal lives.

Dean was, in fact, starting to doubt there was even a case in this town. The radio station might be something to investigate, he thought.

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