Angel Meets her Reaper
Angel Meets her Reaper mercykill stories

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Angel Meets her Reaper

"Underbar!" Angela Ziegler smiled as she gleefully skipped across the Americas' Overwatch campus.

She had been enlisted as the head medic after the presentation to her research stunned the higherups at the Sweden facility.

Today was her first day in the American headquarters, it was much bigger than the Swiss headquarters she had grown accustomed to but it was worth it.

Finally, she could make a difference in this war against the Omnics by treating and saving the wounded.

An advocate for peace, Angela knew that by having less causalities means there could be a bigger chance of ending the fight quickly.

She looked at her research bundled in her suitcase, gave it a quick pat and continued on her way to her dorm.

After unpacking most of her belongings, Angela opened the suitcase containing her prized creations.  She lifted the battle suit along with the caduseus staff.

They were what was going to turn the tide on the battles.  Her caduseus staff had nano  infused technology that allowed for quick repair of wounds that can be life threatening.

The armor allowed her to move swiftly between wounded soldiers, whilst allowing maximum protection and movement.

Although innovative, she mused it looked rather cliché since it gave one the look of an angel on the battle field.

No matter – Angela Ziegler and her creations were going to make a major breakthrough.  Suddenly, she felt a small rumble on her tummy.  In her excitement, she had forgotten to eat all day.

"To ze cafeteria I go then," Angela quickly stores her armor and staff and heads off to the common eating area.

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