And This Is Why I Do It
And This Is Why I Do It panic! at the disco stories

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And This Is Why I Do It

The moon bred new Atlantic life tonight. The salt burned you right out of my eyes, and secrets we're not proud of were taken by the tide.

We are all newborns with blurred vision and no sense of direction. This is why i walk to the ocean to swim with the sharks and jellyfish. I may never get this chance again.

This is why i think if you want to kiss you should kiss, and if you want to cry you should cry. And if you want to live, you should live. And you don't have to love me, you already did.

At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to Virginia. It's for lovers (orjustfriends)

And this is why I do it.

Ryan's old house in Vegas smells like beer. It was his dad's old house after all. He hadn't seen it since, since… no don't think about Him. He was never going to see this place.

No He could never be cursed with seeing this house. William should be here soon. He said he would bring Gabe and they would clean the place up. Make it feel like a home again.

Ryan braced himself for being graced with the presence of none other than Gabe Saporta, he shuddered,

looking through the cupboards in search of any stray alcohol left over from his father's “habit”

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