And Then There's You. By Anonymous
And Then There's You.                                                                                                           By                                           Anonymous anonymous stories

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The thoughts that I lack the confidence to express verbally. Written about a specific person from my perspective but I believe everybody has a person or deserves a person they can feel this way about.

And Then There's You. By Anonymous

There's a lot of things I hate. There's so many things that get me down. There's days I pray that my life would just end. There's frustrations and annoyances that I just cannot explain. There's parts of myself that I wish I could change. There's actions and decisions I regret everyday...

And the there's you...

You, who I could never hate. You can always lift my mood whether it's obvious or not. You keep me wondering about the future and what it will bring. You make the frustrations and annoyances seem irrelevant. You see me as I am rather than for what I am not. You are where my actions and decisions have led me.

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