And then, the justice
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And then, the justice

The American Hispanic omega with lean delicate face, soft brown eyes and black hair looked out of the car window. Even for someone brought up in a city the buildings around him seemed so strange.

During Keading's time at the hospital he quickly came to a realisation, the man he’d borne a son to he now knew was Siger Holmes.

Cody’s older brother Mycroft Holmes was the scary Alpha who tried to take his son away. Then his son's other older brother Thomas had helped him keep Cody.

After all Thomas had done, taking over the brothel he worked in, getting rid of the pimp,

he thought he’d fallen into some form of criminal empire but the person he knew as Thomas McLair was far more than he ever imagined.

Everyone seemed to call Thomas by a different name or title. M or sir for his subordinates, Thomas for his associates and colleagues and Falkirk for his friends and family.

It was the constant stream of Police and military all in formal dress uniform and the politicians in expensive suits, including the scary old Alpha of a Prime Minister that put Keading on edge.

Those in power always had people coming to them looking to ingratiate themselves, but there were those like the Prime Minister who had a healthy caution around him.

M / Thomas / Falkirk had a lot of visitors during their time in the hospital.

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